Jedi Kush Strain Review

Jedi Kush

Strain Overview: Cosmically crossed Kush hybrid of indica primary influence. Possibly Deathstar X SFV or OG genetics prominent, making the force strong with this Cali bred cannabis concoction.

Looks (9.2): More roundish in shape, pretty fat and bushy in appearance with an attractively alive glowing olive over neonish green shade of kief covered countenance. Visual inspection of these Jedi nugs revealed extensive trichome activity inside and out.

Smell (9.1): Almost absent on the outside, not so vacant but maybe more background and building. Scents sharpen to a deeper musty skunk funk with a sharp lick of earthy dankness. Generally even in aromatic attitude once break up scents meld to a sharper than smooth earthy dank personality.

Taste (9.3): Musky and smooth with just the right amount of indiscernible funk. Earthy boreal spiced up pine derivative dank kushy kick that adds both balance and depth to the resin tinted pointedness.

Effects (9.2): Moderately heavy and mildly hard hitting, the force remains strong with this Jedi Kush well into the second hour. It’s not so much a knock down drag out effect as an ethereal enlightened and physically relaxing experience. Mildly expansive on the lungs, minimally noticeable heart rate increase, or face flush, but a pronounced dry mouth persists.

Indications: Good for chronic pain relief, restless leg syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, stress relief, mood enhancement, appetite stimulation, muscle soreness and relaxation.

~ Dr. Watson ~

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