Strawberry Cough Strain Review


Strawberry Cough

Strain Overview: Strawberry Fields x Haze hybrid, sativa dominant in nature, generally an 80/20 or 75/25 split. A strain high in THC levels, reported at or about 20%, and reported to be a beginner friendly strain for DIY growers. Coveted for the supposed creamy strawberry kick said to result from the expansive trademark whoop incensed on inhalation.

Looks (7.5): Light green olive skinned strawberry sassy sativa with a bleach blondish coloration. Extremely dense in structure, slender in shape, and arid with tightly woven comely berry hued thatches of wispy similarly colored stigmas.

Smell (7.8): Seemingly strong strawberry sweet scents steep about the nose, percolating with a berry of straw shaped aroma over pre-defined earthy mustiness. A gentle and smooth but immediate namesake fragrance blooms forth above all else.

Taste (7.7): Balanced in taste more so than aroma, strong strawberry scents dissipated to a more evened out rounded off sweet smooth dryness. An almost aromatic floral essence seemed to develop, maybe the fruity strawberry sweetness evaporated on burn to a more floral straw and berry.

Effects (7.7): Uplifting but easy pleasy more so than activating or super stimulating; a functional effective result, medium in strength and duration. Mild to partly cloudiness seems to develop about the head as the once there soon departed physical impression flitters away without any noticeable stickiness.

Indications: Good for stress reduction, hypertension, daytime pain relief, headaches, anxiety abatement, mood enhancement.

~ Dr. Watson ~


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