Pure Gold Hash Oil Review

Pure Gold


Looks (10): Sultry amber gold in coloration, like pure Vermont maple syrup. Viscous too, with the consistency of cold oil; best to gently heat the tube to loosen and apply accordingly.

Smell (10): Fruity with an orange zest spice appeal, light and sweet in airy cannabis concentrate derivative delight. Orange oil perfume plays primary to coifs of cannabinoid culture.

Taste (10): Rarified and purified in taste, a top-shelf best of breed bowl topper of orange oil influence mixed with from concentrate flavors of pure cannabis gold.

Effects (10): Significantly clear-headed and none too downtrodden – as advertised; with an equally as strong physicality of impressive proportions.

Indications: Good for appetite stimulation, inflammation, nausea, stress relief, pain relief.


~ Dr. Watson ~

2 responses

    • For a half gram (one vial or one squeeze capsule) it goes for $42, for a gram (two vials or 2 squeeze capsules) it goes for $84.

      Thanks for checking Swamis out!

      -Swamis Girls

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