Blackberry Kush Strain Review

Blackberry Kush

Strain Overview: Possibly a Blackberry x Bubba Kush or an Afghani x DJ Short’s Blueberry or a Blackberry lineage, predominantly indica influenced. Generally 80% indica, 20% sativa with a bushy purple appearance, known for a longer indoor maturation period, generally reported as producing medium yields.

Looks (8.3): Roundish auburn blonde hued bushy blossoms of deep dark green over a subtle background purple glow. Expertly trimmed and primped to perfection, a dense dry Blackberry Kush that lends to a squeeze or three.

Smell (8.3): Earthy pine whiffs of pastoral lighthearted exterior notes, with more of the defined berry bogginess provoked with a squeeze or pass through the grinder. Bust open one of these bodacious Blackberry nugs to bask in the fruity acidic woodiness.

Taste (8.3): Fruity in the surprisingly suggestive citrus spectrum more so than blackberry raspberry bitterness. An arid but semi-smooth flavor that toes the line between sweet sour fruity, way behind evenly apparent woodsy oaky balance.

Effects (8.4): Relatively heavy and strong, moderately expansive on the lungs, significantly impactful on the eyes and body. Effects begin with a start and trend off into inconsequential nothingness unevenly divided between weighty physical pain relieving presence and abysmal mental vacancy.

Indications: Good for insomnia, chronic pain relief, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, RLS, nausea.

~ Dr. Watson ~

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