Campfire Kush Strain Review

Campfire Kush

Campfire Kush Indica Strain


Strain Overview: From parts unknown, most likely an amalgamation of Kush derivative lineage originating out of the Pakistan Afghanistan high country.

Looks (7.5): Large pillowy buds of deep dark greenish olive amber coloration. Dark in color, soft, fresh, and grainy in texture. Campfire Kush is a outdoorsy looking leafy overall visually vegetative impression.

Smell (8.3): Mellow and surprisingly smooth in scent, not dry or woodsy but maybe a touch of hashy sour sweet dipped grape.

Taste (7.8): Even keeled and drier than inhalation inspection reveals, more hashiness builds on rolled burn. A resin afflicted taste with moderate amounts of still indistinguishable cranberry boggy foggy sour funk.

Effects (7.5): Moderate in strength with an easy ascension and entirely enjoyable elevation. Campfire Kush delivered lighthearted effectiveness, in balanced always cerebrally relaxing but mostly physically alleviating results.

Indications: Good for minor aches and pains, muscle soreness, muscle relaxation, inflammation, nausea.

~ Dr. Watson ~

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