Sunkiss Sativa Strain Review

Sunkiss Sativa

Sunkiss Sativa

Sunkiss Sativa

Strain Overview: A relatively mysterious somewhat new sativa dominant speakeasy strain said to emanate from the Bay Area. Distinctive Orange Cali influences promise fruity flavor, scent, and good vibrations.

Looks (8.8): Light green colored large sized blossoms, vividly accented with rusty tawny stigmas interlaced among each capacious calyx. This Sunkiss is medium in density, and entirely flooded with internal tantalizing trichome twinkle.

Smell (9.0): Sweetly knocked down Jack influences reveal themselves with an almost rounded off powdered mellow astringency of sour orange. Dryly intermittent almost grape like whiffs flutter under the nose on extended inhalation examination.

Taste (8.7): Awakening to the taste buds, an activating bloom of dry tacky orange astringency sparkles a clean easygoing flavor. This Sunkiss sativa most resembles a tart toasted soapy orange taste, as opposed to a more citrus creamsicle variation.

Effects (8.8): Stimulating to the head without being an all-out anxiety activating assault, good for functional pain relief and stress reduction, PTSD, mood enhancement or depression. An uplifting actionable Sunkiss experience that has some creep to it, but also maintains a long-lived physical presence minus the associated weight.

~ Dr. Watson ~

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