Blue Sky Sativa Strain Review

Blue Sky Sativa

Blue Sky Sativa

Blue Sky Sativa

Strain Overview: A hybrid cross between Blueberry and Haze, bred to provide balanced indica body effects and stimulating Sativa results. Blue Sky is highly effective for pain management without the sedative effects of a pure indica. Effects are purported to be long lasting with a pleasant fruity aroma and taste.

Looks (9.5): A darker complexioned Blue Sky, dusky natural greens under attractively activating thatches of reddish rusty brown hairs, an alluringly captivating countenance. At the peak of freshness, very dense and quite sticky, crack these indigo nugs open for an enlightening twinkle of trichome treasure.

Smell (9.2): Flirty and airy in a flowery indigo tinted funked up aromatically charged bouquet that leaves subtle whiffs of sweet savory blueberry under the nose on finish. The scent spectrum of this Blue Sky is exquisitely vibrant, with an ethereal sensory activating touchiness.

Taste (9.3): Sweet and savory with more pronounced blueberry sweetness, airy blueberry muffin scents drifting in and out of the airy faintly flowery funky freshness. This Blue Sky sativa is somewhat lighthearted, but entirely enticing.

Effects (9.6): Extremely strong cerebrally confusing stress relieving activation of confounding befuddling Blue Sky bemusement. Results come on strong with immediate impact, then dig in and don’t dissipate for some time. Physically present with a pleasant body buzzing secondary pain easing anxiety relieving mood lifting elation effect.

~ Dr. Watson ~

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