Double Dream Sativa Strain Review

Double Dream Sativa

Double Dream Sativa

Double Dream Sativa

Strain Overview: Blue Dream x Dream Star hybrid known for her high yield and easy ways. Predominantly, if not dominantly sativa in all aspects. Treasured for producing efficient offspring, and for her pain alleviating properties.

Looks (9.6): Nicely wrapped up bound together double dense Double Dream flowers, medium large in size with an attractive olive spice encrusted greenish amber glow. Vibrantly enveloped reddish orange pistil permeate each bodacious blossom as apparent internal twinkle and exterior peppery kief coating indicate a strong showing in the effects department.

Smell (9.6): Spicy and deeper than previous versions of Double Dream, at bit punchier and a touch more pungent; fresh and flowery, with an added layer of spiced up funkiness. Entirely smooth and enticingly spicy, the upfront dankness seems to take prominence as subtler bluish essences take a building backseat vibe on grind.

Taste (9.5): Lighthearted and salaciously smooth in character, this Double Dream tastes like an indigo inflected sometimes sour most times not bright blue dip of sour tinted sunshine. A gentle taste that leaves you wanting more, almost unnoticeably good.

Effects (9.8): Severely long in duration and significantly strong in mellow sativa percolation. Double Dream produced a functional albeit partly cloudy headed stress anxiety release, accompanied by an almost double down effect of indescribably serene physical lightness of being. Found to be an excellent inflammation reducer and chronic pain reliever, reliably efficient at anxiety abatement, mood enhancement, PTSD alleviation and reducing headache severity.

~ Dr. Watson ~

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