Black Rhino

Black Rhino Indica Strain

Black Rhino Indica Strain

Black Rhino


Strain Overview: A Blackberry X White Rhino indica enforcer, rarely known yet highly sought after strain. An extremely potent medicinal grade cannabis with some intonations indicating an OG influenced lineage.


Looks (10): Round rotund robustly structured bountifully bulbous bodacious blossoms of Black Rhino bounty. Absolutely gorgeous in physical appearance, a perfectly purple accented deep green complexion and significantly dense composition that sparkles with sugar coated dusted kief crystalized countenance.


Smell (9.9): Decidedly dank berry licked pepper infused skunk, an almost sage spiced deep running distinctively mouth-watering funk. Perfect in proboscis pleasing purple kissed perfume, the only thing keeping this Black Rhino from reaching a ten point aroma crescendo was the overwhelming feeling of…more, more, we want more!


Taste (10): Smooth as berry powdered silk, deep with a musky dank natural funk, light in aromatic purple lilac effluence, and super sultry in sugary caramelized molasses. Again, the only so-called singularly judged downfall of this Black Rhino flavor being the insatiable lust for more.


Effects (10): Super potent in exceedingly peerlessly physically clean if not altogether heady regard, a total stand up indica strain. This Black Rhino comes on with a charge and hits with force from the first wave through to the last clingy fleeting glimpse. Mentally alleviating with a sticky functional focus, physically relieving with a distinct light as a feather feeling, effective at treating symptoms associated with RLS, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other chronic pain relief.



~ Dr. Watson ~



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